Make consistent set of get and getTry methods on SemiFuture.
[folly.git] / folly / futures / test / SemiFutureTest.cpp
2018-01-03 Lee HowesMake consistent set of get and getTry methods on SemiFu...
2017-12-27 Lee HowesAdd getVia and getTryVia to SemiFuture.
2017-12-27 Lee HowesAdd continuation to semifuture return test.
2017-12-26 Lee HowesEnsure that returning a semifuture from a continuation...
2017-12-23 Lee HowesAdd getSemiFuture to folly::Promise
2017-12-06 Yedidya FeldblumMove folly/Baton.h to folly/synchronization/
2017-11-04 Lee HowesMake SemiFuture::via throw on nullptr executor.
2017-10-31 Lee HowesAdding DeferredExecutor to support deferred execution...
2017-10-30 Lee HowesSplit SemiFuture and Future into separate types. Add...
2017-10-23 Christopher DykesModernize use of std::make_unique
2017-10-16 Yedidya Feldblum4-way overloads for SemiFuture::value
2017-10-05 Lee HowesAdd SemiFuture class.