Mark the base class of NoFutureInSplitter as public
[folly.git] / folly / futures / FutureException.h
2017-11-09 Christopher DykesMark the base class of NoFutureInSplitter as public
2017-11-04 Lee HowesMake SemiFuture::via throw on nullptr executor.
2017-10-24 Christopher DykesConsistently have the namespace closing comment
2017-10-10 Cameron PickettHandle nullptr from getTimekeeperSingleton
2017-10-04 Eric Nieblergive folly future's exceptions default visibility
2017-07-29 Yedidya FeldblumOutline throw statements in folly/futures/
2017-02-15 Phil WilloughbyReplace the future-splitting system
2017-01-04 Yedidya Feldblum2017
2016-12-29 Eric Nieblerfolly::FutureException inherits from std::logic_error...
2016-05-19 Yedidya FeldblumMake Try independent of Future
2016-02-12 Mark Isaacsonfolly copyright 2015 -> copyright 2016
2015-12-07 John Sherwoodadd type info to broken promise what()
2015-07-20 Hannes RothRevert: (Wangle) within should raise TimedOut()
2015-07-20 Hannes Roth(Wangle) within should raise TimedOut()
2015-04-02 Hans FugalFuture::filter(A => bool)
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodCopyright 2014->2015
2015-02-02 James Sedgwickkill remaining Futures-related Wangle references