Make consistent set of get and getTry methods on SemiFuture.
[folly.git] / folly / futures / Future.h
2018-01-03 Lee HowesMake consistent set of get and getTry methods on SemiFu...
2017-12-27 Lee HowesAdd getVia and getTryVia to SemiFuture.
2017-12-27 Lee HowesMove getTry to subclasses.
2017-12-23 Lee HowesAdd getSemiFuture to folly::Promise
2017-12-05 Yedidya FeldblumAdd missing check against SemiFuture in FutureBase...
2017-11-03 Lee HowesMissing Future/SemiFuture->Value conversion check
2017-10-31 Lee HowesAdding DeferredExecutor to support deferred execution...
2017-10-30 Lee HowesSplit SemiFuture and Future into separate types. Add...
2017-10-18 James Sedgwickmove futures/DrivableExecutor to executors/DrivableExecutor
2017-10-16 Yedidya Feldblum4-way overloads for SemiFuture::value
2017-10-06 Stiopa Koltsovfuture.then() is identical to future.unit()
2017-10-05 Lee HowesAdd SemiFuture class.
2017-08-07 Sargun VohraDon't allow Future::onError([](exception_wrapper&)...
2017-07-31 Yedidya FeldblumConsistency in namespace-closing comments v2017.07.31.00
2017-07-20 Yedidya FeldblumDrop a remnant of gcc48 support in futures
2017-07-20 Yedidya FeldblumMove futures helper types into folly::futures::detail
2017-07-09 Yedidya FeldblumIn-place construction for Future v2017.07.10.00
2017-07-05 Yedidya FeldblumPromise<T>::makeEmpty() and Future<T>::makeEmpty()
2017-07-03 Phil WilloughbyContent-conversion constructors for Future
2017-06-28 Christopher DykesShift Future::then and Future::thenMulti into the class...
2017-01-09 Nick WolchkoRemove folly::Future conversion constructor
2017-01-04 Yedidya Feldblum2017
2016-12-01 Yedidya FeldblumFuture<typename>::getTryVia
2016-06-20 Christopher DykesAdjust the way Future<Unit>'s constructor is defined
2016-05-19 Yedidya FeldblumExtract Try to top-level
2016-04-23 Sven Overuse forward instead of move for universal references
2016-04-05 Sven Overfolly/futures: replace MoveWrappers with generalised...
2016-03-01 Subodh IyengarAdd conversion constructors for Future
2016-02-12 Mark Isaacsonfolly copyright 2015 -> copyright 2016
2015-08-11 Noel SardanaAdded futures helpers times, when, and whileDo
2015-08-03 Orvid KingAdd MSVC support to futures/Deprecated.h
2015-07-29 Orvid KingMove various attributes before the declaration to be...
2015-07-01 Hans FugalNuke Future<void> (folly/futures)
2015-06-26 Hans Fugal(easy) remove cruft comment
2015-06-11 Hans FugalFuture::unit()
2015-06-11 James Sedgwickoptimize makeFuture and Future<T>::Future()
2015-05-20 Hannes Roth(Wangle) chain -> thenMulti + thenMultiWithExecutor
2015-05-20 James Sedgwickvia with priority
2015-05-20 James Sedgwickmore restrictive implicit Future construction enabling
2015-05-12 James Sedgwickexplicit instantiation of common Future types
2015-05-12 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Fix Executor problem
2015-05-12 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Chaining reduce
2015-05-12 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Simplify reduce, use the same implementation...
2015-05-12 Hans FugalDo not construct a Future<T> from a Future<Something...
2015-05-12 Hans FugalFuture<Unit>::Future()
2015-04-29 Hans FugalMove this `reduce` to `helpers.h`
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalrearrange Future.h
2015-04-27 James SedgwickmakeFutureTry -> makeFutureWith
2015-04-27 Hans FugalCleanup Future(Value) ctor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwicktake collections by reference
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickwhen* -> collect*
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalthen-with-Executor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickmap()
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickrevert D1985475, clang still borked
2015-04-27 Hans Fugalthen-with-Executor
2015-04-27 James Sedgwickcollect()
2015-04-27 James SedgwickonError(exception_wrapper)
2015-04-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Swap order of Try<T> and T matching
2015-04-02 Hans FugalFuture::filter(A => bool)
2015-04-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Reduce
2015-03-25 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Clean up move constructors
2015-03-18 Jeroen Vaelenextend future api with Future<T>::poll
2015-03-18 Stepan PalamarchukProtect unprotected
2015-03-03 Dor GrossCreating a flatten() method to get the inner Future...
2015-03-03 Monica LeeAdd willEqual to C++ Futures Code
2015-03-03 Nicholas OrmrodCopyright 2014->2015
2015-03-03 Hans FugalFuture::ensure
2015-03-03 Hans Fugal(futures) Make executors sticky
2015-03-03 Hannes RothRevert: (Wangle) Clean up move constructors
2015-03-03 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Clean up move constructors
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalswitch order of method/object in Future::then to match...
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalfutures::chain
2015-02-11 Hans Fugalmake wait() and friends return reference to self instea...
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFix comment
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFuture<T>::onTimeout(Duration, function<T()>, Timekeepe...
2015-02-11 Hans FugalFix another comment
2015-02-09 Brad KimMerge commit '64f2f2734ad853784bdd260bcf31e065c47c0741...
2015-02-04 Dave WatsonFuture constructor
2015-02-02 James SedgwickAnother stab at waitWithSemaphore -> Future<T>::wait()
2015-02-02 Hannes Roth(Wangle) Then Magic
2015-02-02 Dave WatsonRevert "[futures] waitWithSemaphore -> Future<T>::wait()"
2015-02-02 James SedgwickgetVia() and waitVia()
2015-02-02 James SedgwickwaitWithSemaphore -> Future<T>::wait()
2015-02-02 James Sedgwickkill remaining Futures-related Wangle references
2015-01-13 James Sedgwickmove Futures from folly::wangle to folly
2015-01-13 James Sedgwickmove wangle/futures to futures