Mark constructing an Unexpected as cold
[folly.git] / folly / Expected.h
2017-11-06 Phil WilloughbyMark constructing an Unexpected as cold
2017-11-02 Phil WilloughbyMake Expected presume it has a value and not an Error
2017-10-31 Yedidya FeldblumOutline most throw expressions in Expected
2017-10-26 Yedidya FeldblumExpected coroutines support
2017-10-24 Christopher DykesConsistently have the namespace closing comment
2017-10-19 Christopher DykesEnsure curly-braces around control-flow
2017-08-02 Martin MartinFix error in comment.
2017-07-02 Yedidya FeldblumMove in_place and friends to Utility.h
2017-07-02 Yedidya FeldblumRemove construct_in_place
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerSuppress more warnings for MSVC
2017-04-14 Mark WilliamsRevert D4805628: [folly] Suppress more warnings for...
2017-04-14 Andrew KriegerSuppress more warnings for MSVC
2017-01-04 Yedidya Feldblum2017
2016-12-19 Eric Nieblerrename ExpectedStorage::isThis to isSelfAssign so that...
2016-10-25 Philip Proninfix Expected<..., eUnion> move / copy ctor
2016-09-16 Eric Nieblerwork around LLVM#30305 in folly::Expected, use unified...
2016-08-18 Christopher DykesFix folly::Expected under MSVC
2016-08-15 Eric NieblerAdd folly::Expected, an alternative to exceptions for...