2017-04-07 Huang, Taosoc: rockchip: add cpuinfo support
2017-04-07 Finley Xiaoarm: dts: rk3288-android: use secure efuse
2017-04-07 Finley Xiaonvmem: rockchip-efuse: add support for rk3288 secure...
2017-04-07 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rk3288-evb: support board with rk818
2017-04-07 chenzhenarm64: rockchip_linux_defconfig: disable CONFIG_MALI400...
2017-04-07 Xu Xuehuinet: wireless: rockchip_wlan: update for ap6xxx wifi...
2017-04-07 Tang Yun pingclk: rockchip: optimizing ddrclk_scpi_recalc_rate behavior
2017-04-07 Tang Yun pingsoc: rockchip: scpi: add new function for rk3368
2017-04-07 Finley XiaoPM / devfreq: rk3399_dmc: rename of_get_opp_table
2017-04-07 Finley XiaoPM / devfreq: event: add support for rk3368 dfi
2017-04-07 algea.caodrm/sysfs: add audioformat to sysfs
2017-04-06 Huang, Taoarm64: cpuinfo: add system serial support
2017-04-06 Finley Xiaoclk: rockchip: rk3368: add ddrc clock support
2017-04-06 Finley Xiaoclk: rockchip: support setting ddr clock via SCPI APIs
2017-04-06 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: vop: support CRTC_STEREO_DOUBLE mode
2017-04-06 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: vop: use crtc_[h/v]display for vop
2017-04-06 zzcnet: wireless: rockchip_wlan: add rtl8723cs support
2017-04-06 chenjharm64: rockchip_defconfig: enable CONFIG_FIQ_DEBUGGER_T...
2017-04-06 Huibin Hongfiq_debugger: merge from linux 3.10
2017-04-06 chenjhfirmware: rockchip: update sip interface
2017-04-06 Frank Wangsoc: rockchip: fixed compilation error
2017-04-05 chenjhfirmware: psci: remove fiq enable after cpu_suspend
2017-04-05 Huibin Hongrk_fiq_debugger: map signal irq for fiq mode
2017-04-05 Huibin Hongfiq_debugger: add CONFIG_FIQ_DEBUGGER_EL3_TO_EL1 for...
2017-04-05 Huibin Hongirqchip/gicv2/3: add gic_retrigger
2017-04-05 chenzhenARM64: dts: rk3328-evb: enable gpu device
2017-04-05 chenzhenarm64: rockchip_defconfig: enable MALI450
2017-04-05 chenzhenarm64: rockchip_linux_defconfig: enable MALI450
2017-04-05 chenzhenARM64: dts: rk3328: add mali-450 GPU device
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: RK: reconstruct platform specific code...
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: upgrade DDK to r7p0-00rel0
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: upgrade DDK to r6p1-01rel0
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: RK: remove core_scaling in "platform...
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: RK: use late_initcall_sync instead of...
2017-04-05 chenzhenMALI: utgard: RK: fix compile errors under arm64
2017-04-05 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rockchip: rk3288-android delete rk timer
2017-04-05 William Wuarm64: rockchip_linux_defconfig: enable CONFIG_USB_UAS
2017-04-05 William Wuarm64: rockchip_defconfig: enable CONFIG_USB_UAS
2017-04-05 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rockchip: rk3288 use android dtsi
2017-04-05 Frank Wangsoc: rockchip: amend rk3368-mbox related *.h to soc...
2017-04-05 Yakir YangCHROMIUM: drm: bridge/dw_hdmi: assign CD field to zero
2017-04-05 Hao Xiaoweiarm64: dts: rockchip: Modify rockchip_suspend config...
2017-04-05 Zhangbin Tongarm: dts: rockchip: add mpu6050 to rk3288-evb-act8846
2017-04-01 Xu Jianqunarm: configs: rockchip_defconfig select CONFIG_RTC_DRV_...
2017-04-01 Randy LiARM: dts: rockchip: enable 1000Mbps of rk3288
2017-04-01 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rk3288-android: add psci v1.0 support
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: fix some loader logo bugs
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: dw-mipi: add power protect for loader...
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: don't restore to fbdev when display kerne...
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: vop: rk3328: fix overlay abnormal
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: vop: correct rk3328 vop windows
2017-04-01 Mark Yaodrm/rockchip: protect connector status with loader...
2017-04-01 xuhuicongRevert "drm/rockchip: fixup display reference count"
2017-04-01 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rk3288-android: use non-secure dmac
2017-04-01 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rk3288-android: disable rockchip timer
2017-04-01 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rk3288-android: fix rga to rockchip,rga2
2017-04-01 Jacob Chendrm: bridge: analogix/dp: Fix the dead lock when disabl...
2017-04-01 Shawn Linarm64: dts: rockchip: fix sdmmc1_bus4 pinctrl for rk3328
2017-04-01 Shawn Linarm64: dts: rk3328-evb: add sdio and sdmmc support
2017-04-01 Hans Yangarm64: dts: rockchip: disable gmac support for rk3328-evb
2017-04-01 Xu Xuehuiarm64: dts add Rockchip RK3328 EVB board for wifi
2017-04-01 Jianqun Xuarm: dts: rockchip: rk3288 add android.dtsi
2017-04-01 algea.caodrm/bridge: dw_hdmi: set vdisplay for frame packing...
2017-04-01 algea.caodrm/bridge: dw_hdmi: initialize hdmi i2c when system...
2017-04-01 xuhuicongARM64: dts: rk3399-box-rev2: enable hdmi uboot logo...
2017-04-01 xuhuicongdrm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: add power domain control
2017-04-01 Elaine Zhangclk: rockchip: rk3399: Don't allow VPLL as aclk_cci...
2017-03-31 Rocky Haothermal: rockchip: rk3368: fix efuse value of temp...
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaodrivers: video: rockchip: vcodec_dma_map_sg maybe fail
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3368-android: enable iep default
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3368: add iep device node
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3399-android: enable iep default
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3399-android-6.0: enable iep default
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3399: add iep device node
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaoarm64: dts: rk3399-android-6.0: remove iep device node
2017-03-31 Jianqun Xuarm64: dts: rockchip: rk3368 emmc add property 'mmc...
2017-03-31 Jung Zhaovideo: rockchip: iep: add drm support
2017-03-31 Mark Yaovideo/rockchip: rga2: use axi safe reset
2017-03-31 Huang, Taork: ignore memcontrol.c:5337
2017-03-31 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v4.4-17.03-android' of git://git.linaro...
2017-03-31 Jianqun Xuarm64: dts: rockchip: rk3368 emmc add property 'caps2...
2017-03-31 Zheng YangARM64: dts: rk3399-android: set ddc scl clock rate...
2017-03-31 Zheng Yangdrm: bridge: dw-hdmi: set ddc scl clock rate according...
2017-03-31 Frank Wangusb: dwc_otg_310: add rk3288 usb otg support
2017-03-31 Sugar ZhangARM64: dts: rk3328: add pdm node
2017-03-31 Sugar ZhangASoC: rockchip: add support for pdm controller
2017-03-31 Mark Yaovideo/rockchip: rga2: retry 10 times when timeout
2017-03-31 Mark Yaovideo/rockchip: rga2: reduce work timeout to 100ms
2017-03-30 Frank Wangarm: dts: rk3288-evb: add rockchip-relinquish-port...
2017-03-30 Frank Wangusb: ehci: add rockchip relinquishing port quirk support
2017-03-30 Frank WangRevert "usb: ehci-platform: support no relinquishing...
2017-03-30 Sugar ZhangASoC: rockchip: add support for rk3328 spdif
2017-03-30 Shawn Linmmc: core: use default generic cmd6 timeout for flushin...
2017-03-30 chenjhpower: rk818-battery: fix charge voltage table define...
2017-03-30 Ville SyrjäläUPSTREAM: drm/edid: Extract SADs properly from multiple...
2017-03-30 WeiYong Biarm64: rockchip_defconfig: enable CONFIG_PHY_ROCKCHIP_DP
2017-03-29 Zheng Yangdrm: bridge: dw-hdmi: add debugfs node
2017-03-29 Jung Zhaovideo: rockchip: vpu: clear mmu status when vpu reset
2017-03-29 Jacob ChenARM: dts: rk3288: set simple_ondemand parameter for gpu
2017-03-29 Jacob ChenMALI: midgard: Linux: support custom ondemand_data