ARM: rockchip: rk3228: add grf definition
[firefly-linux-kernel-4.4.55.git] / include / linux / rockchip / psci.h
2015-10-29 Jianqun XuARM: rockchip-psci: add interface for ion to set memory...
2015-10-28 Jianqun XuARM: rockchip-psci: add function id for secure memory set
2015-10-28 Jianhong ChenARM: rockchip: psci support arch32 and arch64 smc call
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v3.10.92'
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.10-android'
2015-09-28 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.09-android'
2015-09-02 Huibin Hongrockchip: add psci interfaces for other modules