ARM: rockchip: rk3228: add grf definition
[firefly-linux-kernel-4.4.55.git] / include / linux / rockchip / common.h
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v3.10.92'
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.10-android'
2015-09-28 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.09-android'
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge branch android-common-3.10
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.05-android' into develop-3.10
2015-05-20 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10-next
2015-05-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.04-android'
2015-04-03 zhangqingrk3368: clk: clk_add_recalc_ddr_freq.
2015-04-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag lsk-v3.10-15.03-android
2015-03-25 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10
2015-03-24 Xiao Fengrk3368: dvfs: add temperature control
2015-03-16 Huang, TaoMerge branch linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10-android
2015-03-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.02'
2015-02-10 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.01'
2014-12-19 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.12'
2014-12-12 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-12-11 CMYrk: mem: protect memory region that specified by uboot...
2014-12-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.11'
2014-11-20 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-11-05 cldvfs: add pvtm support
2014-09-17 陈亮tsadc: define INVALID_TEMP and return it when some...
2014-09-03 wdcMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-08-29 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rk3288 better support eFuse init
2014-08-29 黄涛ARM: rockchip: fix common.h checkpatch warning
2014-08-20 陈亮rk3288: move ddr-bandwidth-calc func to ddr_rk32.c...
2014-08-12 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10-next...
2014-08-08 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-08-06 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.07' into develop-3.10
2014-08-04 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-28 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-16 黄涛ARM: rockchip: common.h add rk_last_log_text
2014-07-08 wdcMerge branch 'develop-3.10-next' of ssh://10.10.10...
2014-07-07 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-01 黄涛ARM: rockchip: fix compilation error when SENSORS_ROCKC...
2014-06-12 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.05' into develop-3.10
2014-05-27 陈亮Merge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-05-27 陈亮1.add rk_system_status.c, listen system status ,and...
2014-04-24 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.04' into develop-3.10
2014-04-24 黄涛ARM: rockchip: add pm policy api
2014-04-22 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rk3288: enable jtag support when rockchi...
2014-04-15 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.03' into develop-3.10
2014-03-13 CMYrk: ion: rk3288/fpga reserve cma memory for ion from dts
2014-03-12 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.02' into develop-3.10
2014-03-10 黄涛ARM: rockchip: move some head files to include/linux...