usb: dwc_otg_310: support vbus controlled by both gpio and pmic
[firefly-linux-kernel-4.4.55.git] / drivers / usb / dwc_otg_310 / usbdev_rk32.c
2017-04-17 William Wuusb: dwc_otg_310: support vbus controlled by both gpio...
2017-04-11 William Wuusb: dwc_otg_310: fix usb vbus power controlled by...
2017-03-31 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v4.4-17.03-android' of git://git.linaro...
2017-03-31 Frank Wangusb: dwc_otg_310: add rk3288 usb otg support
2017-03-27 Frank Wangusb: dwc_otg_310: fixed compilation error
2017-03-01 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2017-01-10 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-12-06 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-12-02 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-11-04 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-08-10 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v4.4-16.07-android'
2016-07-25 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-07-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v4.4-16.06-android'
2016-06-08 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'lsk-v4.4-eas-v5.2' of git://git.linaro...
2016-05-30 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v4.4-16.05-android'
2016-05-13 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-03-29 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'android-4.4' of https://android.googlesou...
2016-03-24 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.4-android' of git...
2016-03-03 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4.3'
2016-03-03 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'android-4.4' of https://android.googlesou...
2016-02-18 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4.2'
2016-02-18 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'android-4.4'
2016-01-11 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4'
2016-01-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc8'
2015-12-29 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc7'
2015-12-21 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc6'
2015-12-15 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc5'
2015-12-07 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc4'
2015-12-01 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc3'
2015-11-23 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc2'
2015-11-18 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v4.4-rc1'
2015-11-11 Huang, TaoMerge branch 'torvalds/master'
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'v3.10.92'
2015-10-27 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.10-android'
2015-09-28 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.09-android'
2015-06-11 lyzusb: otg: notify to pmu the otg vbus change
2015-06-08 Wu Liang fengusb: ehci: rename hsic and HSIC to ehci1 and EHCI1
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge branch android-common-3.10
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.05-android' into develop-3.10
2015-05-20 Huang, Taousb: dwc_otg: build driver depends on arm or arm64
2015-05-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.04-android'
2015-04-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag lsk-v3.10-15.03-android
2015-03-16 Huang, TaoMerge branch linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10-android
2015-03-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.02'
2015-02-10 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.01'
2014-12-19 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.12'
2014-12-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.11'
2014-11-20 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-11-14 lyzusb: implement power control by 'buspower' attribute
2014-10-22 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-10-11 lyzusb: support different type of usb charger
2014-09-19 lyzHSIC: fix compilation error
2014-08-15 lyzusb-uart: add a propertie in dts to enable usb-uart...
2014-08-06 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.07' into develop-3.10
2014-07-10 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-09 lyzusb: update soft reset
2014-06-12 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.05' into develop-3.10
2014-06-12 wlfUSB: fix compile warnings.
2014-06-12 wlfUSB: support otg_id irq wakeup system.
2014-05-22 wlfUSB: fix Coding Style.
2014-04-25 wlfthis commit cause host1 usb phy stop 480MHz clk output...
2014-04-24 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.04' into develop-3.10
2014-04-24 wlfUSB: move usb drv gpios from dtsi to dts.
2014-04-23 wlfUSB: set SIDDQ to place USB PHY into a low power state.
2014-04-17 wlfUSB: set usbphy_480m clk rate 480MHz.
2014-04-16 wlfUSB: Fix usbphy_480m clk.
2014-04-16 wlfUSB: Add EHCI connect detect timer to reduce USB power...
2014-04-15 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.03' into develop-3.10
2014-04-09 wlfUSB: add usb soft reset.
2014-03-28 wlfUSB: Fix compile err if not set CONFIG_USB20_OTG.
2014-03-28 wlfUSB: Enable USB clk.
2014-03-26 wlfUSB: Fix usb clk.
2014-03-26 wlfUSB: Support usb irq wakeup system.
2014-03-22 wlfUSB charger: Fix the bug that cause USB Reset continually.
2014-03-21 wlfUSB: Fix ehci bug and enable host and otg gpios to...
2014-03-20 wlfUSB: Modify EHCI & OHCI clk and gpio.
2014-03-19 wlfUSB: add usb properties in dts and delete some usb...
2014-03-18 ZhaoyifengMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-03-18 wlfUSB: fix RK3288 usb_det_wakeup_work bug.
2014-03-18 wlfUSB: Modify RK3188 && RK3288 clk.
2014-03-14 lyzusb: add rk32 usb charger detect
2014-03-14 lyzrk3188&rk3288: usb: add otg detect irq handlers
2014-03-12 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.02' into develop-3.10
2014-03-11 wlfUSB: RK3288 USB CTLR initialization