rk312x: add psci support
[firefly-linux-kernel-4.4.55.git] / arch / arm / configs / rockchip_defconfig
2015-10-13 Chen Liangrk312x: add psci support
2015-09-30 Mark Yaork3228: lcdc: default build-in rk3228 vop
2015-09-28 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.09-android'
2015-07-10 Shawn Lindefconfig: rockchip: enable CONFIG_MMC_DW_SKIP_CACHE_OP
2015-07-01 Zheng Yangrockchip_defconfig: support rk1000.
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge branch android-common-3.10
2015-06-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.05-android' into develop-3.10
2015-05-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-15.04-android'
2015-04-02 Huang, TaoMerge tag lsk-v3.10-15.03-android
2015-03-19 dalon.zhangMerge branch 'rk_develop-3.10' into rk_develop-3.10...
2015-03-19 hwgwifi: remove make modules configs
2015-03-17 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10
2015-03-16 Huang, TaoMerge branch linux-linaro-lsk-v3.10-android
2015-03-13 huang zhibaoMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2015-03-07 hwgsolve bluetooth hid problem:
2015-03-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.02'
2015-03-04 hwgsupport different wifi bt chip auto compatible
2015-02-28 hwgsupport different wifi bt chip auto compatible
2015-02-10 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-15.01'
2015-01-07 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10
2015-01-05 许盛飞battery: update rk818-battery driver
2014-12-26 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10
2014-12-26 Huang, Taoarm/configs: add CONFIG_SECCOMP to rockchip_defconfig
2014-12-19 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.12'
2014-12-12 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-12-12 zyccif: set CONFIG_RK30_CAMERA_ONEFRAME default as yes...
2014-12-12 lyzARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig add USB_OHCI_HCD
2014-12-05 Huang, TaoMerge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.11'
2014-12-03 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-11-27 Mark Yaokernel logo: default disable CONFIG_LOGO
2014-11-24 许盛飞test-power: add testpower dts-config
2014-11-20 Huang, TaoMerge branch develop-3.10 into develop-3.10-next
2014-11-11 zyccamsys_drv: v0.0x19.0
2014-11-10 zyccamsys_drv: v0.0x18.0 camsys_head: v0.0xa.0
2014-10-27 zyccamera : enable UVC camera configs as default.
2014-10-22 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-10-20 czethernet:vmac: enable vmac in rockchip_defconfig for...
2014-10-20 Zheng Yangrockchip_defconfig: support rk3036 lcdc.
2014-10-20 smjrk3036 : add the rk3036 sound config to rochchip_defconfig
2014-10-16 clrockchip: add gpio_poweroff driver
2014-10-07 czRevert "ethernet:gmac: enable PHY vendors's driver"
2014-09-28 sugarAudio: spdif: add spdif card or not according dts define.
2014-09-28 li bingMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-09-26 chenyifuMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-09-22 rogerMerge remote-tracking branch 'rk/develop-3.10' into...
2014-09-22 rogerethernet:gmac: enable PHY vendors's driver
2014-09-19 dklregulator: move pmu act8931 driver to kernel 3.10
2014-09-17 CMYrk: bt: support HCIUART_LL protocol by default
2014-09-16 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig: update by savedefcon...
2014-09-15 heyunMerge branch 'develop-3.10'
2014-09-15 heyunremove rk3126_86v_defconfig
2014-09-11 wdcMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-09-11 张晴rk312x:pmic:rt5036:support pmic rt5036 drivers
2014-09-03 wdcMerge branch 'develop-3.10' of ssh://
2014-09-01 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig: enable ISO9660_FS...
2014-08-25 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig: enable zram
2014-08-22 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig: update by savedefconfig
2014-08-22 simonrockchip: gpu: midgard && mali400 built as module default
2014-08-22 simonrockchip: iommu: enable rockchip iommu default
2014-08-20 Zheng Yangrockchip_defconfig: add 3128/3036 tv encoder support.
2014-08-20 rogerethernet:gmac: enable gmac in rockchip_defconfig
2014-08-13 hwgwifi: build together with rkwifi, esp8089, rtl8188eu...
2014-08-12 Sun Mingjuncodec : add the general configuration to rk312x.dtsi
2014-08-12 Sun Mingjuncodec : Support rk3126-sdk codec
2014-08-12 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10-next...
2014-08-08 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-08-07 zsq add rga2 driver for dsti to diff
2014-08-07 zsqopen rga driver
2014-08-07 huang zhibaoinput: rk3128 support pwm remote control
2014-08-06 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-v3.10-android-14.07' into develop-3.10
2014-08-05 lintaommc: fix rk3126 support
2014-08-04 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-08-04 xxmrockchip: mali400: change gpu to built-in temp
2014-07-31 CMYRevert "rk: cma: attempt to allocate same range memory...
2014-07-30 lintaoblock: partitions: add rockchip partition support
2014-07-29 zwlKconfig: add rk312x lcdc and rk31xx lvds option
2014-07-28 zwlMakefile: add compile rk31xx lvds and rk312x lcdc
2014-07-28 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-25 dklrockchip: rockchip_defconfig select rk818
2014-07-21 CMYrk: cma: attempt to allocate same range memory while...
2014-07-10 郭毅tb_8846 : default support mpu6050 for sdk_v2.0
2014-07-10 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-08 wdcMerge branch 'develop-3.10-next' of ssh://10.10.10...
2014-07-07 黄涛Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop-3.10'...
2014-07-07 lintaommc: add support for rk3036
2014-07-02 dklrockchip: add reset-rockchip driver to support Generic...
2014-06-26 CMYrk: ion: enable CMA that placed in highmem zone by...
2014-06-12 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig enable DMA_CMA
2014-06-12 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.05' into develop-3.10
2014-06-12 xxmmidgard : build as module by default
2014-05-31 CMYrk: ion: resolve snapshot error and enable it by default
2014-05-29 黄涛ARM: rockchip: rockchip_defconfig enable SWP_EMULATE
2014-05-20 郭毅rtc: fix some bug of rtc-HYM8563 and change default...
2014-05-15 张晴rk3288:pmic:act8846:support act8846 device shutdown
2014-05-07 hwgusb ethernet: support dm9601, dm9620
2014-05-05 xxh add USB config for GSM Modem
2014-04-30 CMYrk: ion: add version control
2014-04-29 张晴rk3288:syb827:rename syb827 to syr82x for hardware...
2014-04-28 zyktp: vtl new driver
2014-04-24 黄涛Merge tag 'lsk-android-14.04' into develop-3.10