scanalysis: don't rely on greedy search
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2013-05-03 Brian Demskyscanalysis: don't rely on greedy search
2013-04-26 Brian DemskyFix bug that prevents graph generation from compiling.
2013-04-23 Brian NorrisMerge remote-tracking branch 'private/master'
2013-04-23 Brian Demskybug...will sometimes print SC traces in a bad order
2013-04-22 Brian Demskycleanup printing
2013-04-22 Brian DemskyRework how we present non-SC traces...previous presenta...
2013-04-19 Brian DemskyRemove special cases for printing SC executions.
2013-04-16 Brian Norrisscanalysis: allocate structures as true members of...
2013-04-16 Brian Norrisscanalysis: fixup spacing
2013-04-16 Brian NorrisMerge cleanup branch
2013-04-16 Brian Norrisscanalysis: use ModelExecution interfaces
2013-04-16 Brian Norrisscanalysis: install ModelExecution object in the analysis
2013-04-16 Brian NorrisMerge cleanup code from Brian N.
2013-04-15 Brian Demskyfix weird duplicated code
2013-04-15 Brian Norrisscanalysis: fix warning
2013-04-15 Brian Norrisscanalysis: remove whitespace
2013-04-14 Brian Demskyclean up printing a little for cycle cases...
2013-04-13 Brian Demskymore implementation of scanalysis...
2013-04-13 Brian Demskymore implementation of scanalysis...
2013-04-13 Brian Demskytowards supporting scanalysis...
2013-04-13 Brian Demskyadd some support for traceanalysis plugins