2012-09-18 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' into mutex
2012-09-18 Brian Demskyadd mutex files
2012-09-18 Brian Demskyadd mutex files
2012-09-18 Brian Demskystart towards adding support for mutexes
2012-09-14 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'norris'
2012-09-14 Brian Norrismodel: release_seq synchronization generates mo_graph...
2012-09-14 Brian Norris.gitignore: ignore .dot graph files
2012-09-14 Brian Norrismodel: record the number of feasible executions
2012-09-14 Brian Norrisconfig: don't enable graph dumping in master repo
2012-09-14 Brian Norrismodel: add work queue loop
2012-09-14 Brian Norrisworkqueue: add work queue structures
2012-09-14 Brian Demskytabbing
2012-09-14 Brian Demsky(1) add actions for the fence
2012-09-14 Brian Demskyadd support for dumping cyclegraphs as dot files.....
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: more restructuring of read/write processing
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: remove unnecessary parameter to ModelChecker...
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisMakefile: add PHONY targets
2012-09-13 Brian Norrisbugfix: straighten out STL vector allocation (snapshott...
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - don't clobber 'updated'
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisRevert "Makefile: don't always rebuild make.deps"
2012-09-13 Brian Norrissnapshot: print stack trace on segfault
2012-09-13 Brian Norriscommon: add print_trace() for backtracing
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: trivial fixups
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisMakefile: don't always rebuild make.deps
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: simple ASSERT() bug
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismain: wrap help message
2012-09-13 Brian Norrismodel: kill unneeded local variable
2012-09-13 Brian Norrisspacing
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/makefile'
2012-09-13 Brian Demskylots of debugging here... finally working with my rmw...
2012-09-13 Brian NorrisMakefile: fixup Mac dependencies
2012-09-13 Brian Norriscleanup style
2012-09-13 Brian Demskycommit new test case
2012-09-13 Brian Demskyfix for horrible bug... turns out that we could genera...
2012-09-13 Brian Demskymissing changes
2012-09-13 Brian Demskyright fix for avoid rmw cycles... bad assumption in...
2012-09-13 Brian Demskyanother bug fix...
2012-09-13 Brian Demskyseparate out rmw actions
2012-09-12 Brian Demsky(1) structure code a little better
2012-09-12 Brian Demskydeal with looping due to bogus future value via promise...
2012-09-12 Brian Demskyfun issues...
2012-09-12 Brian Norristhreads, model, schedule: refactor thread joining
2012-09-12 Brian Norrismodel: add ModelChecker::get_thread(ModelAction *act)
2012-09-12 Brian Norrisschedule: add sleep() function
2012-09-12 Brian Norriscyclegraph: add non-NULL assertions
2012-09-12 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'demsky'
2012-09-12 Brian Demskymodel: cleaning up some code
2012-09-12 Brian Norrismodel: handle RMW, unresolved reads in w_modification_o...
2012-09-11 Brian Demskymodel: fix the maxreads support
2012-09-11 Brian Demskymodel: some bug fixes to the model checker
2012-09-11 Brian Demskylinuxrwlocks: two bug fixes; guess the model checker...
2012-09-11 Brian Demskymodel: bug fixes to new code
2012-09-11 Brian Demskycyclegraph: support rolling back changes
2012-09-11 Brian Norrismodel: replace action conditions with switch block
2012-09-11 Brian Norrismodel: add check_recency()
2012-09-11 Brian Norrismodel: refactor "get next thread" code
2012-09-11 Brian Norrismodel: add too_many_reads flag
2012-09-11 Brian Norrisnodestack: add get_read_from_size()
2012-09-11 Brian Norrismain: add "maxreads" parameter
2012-09-08 Brian Norrismain: add parameter parsing
2012-09-08 Brian Norrismodel: fix release sequence with RMW, acq vs. acq/rel
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: maintain a count of the pending lazy synchroniza...
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: group snapshottable ModelChecker members in...
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: force THREAD_START to immediately follow THREAD_...
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: fix release_seq for open-ended synchronization
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: use std::find for release sequence search
2012-09-07 Brian Norrismodel: don't use global 'model' unnecessarily
2012-09-07 Brian Demskychanges
2012-09-07 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2012-09-07 Brian Demskychanges
2012-09-06 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'norris'
2012-09-06 Brian Norrismodel: complete the Thread teardown during THREAD_FINISH
2012-09-06 Brian Norrismodel: enforce rule: current_action != NULL
2012-09-06 Brian Norrislibthreads: don't spin on THREAD_JOIN
2012-09-06 Brian Norrismodel: hook up THREAD_JOIN and THREAD_FINISH actions
2012-09-06 Brian Norrisschedule: add wait and wake functions
2012-09-06 Brian Norristhreads: fixup THREAD_READY comment
2012-09-06 Brian Norristhreads: add THREAD_BLOCKED state
2012-09-06 Brian Norristhreads: add a wait_list
2012-09-06 Brian Norristhreads: add is_complete() helper function
2012-09-06 Brian Norrisaction: add THREAD_FINISH action
2012-09-06 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: debug prints: lengthen the "regionn...
2012-09-06 Brian Demskyworking towards making datarace detection work
2012-09-05 Brian Demskybug in race detector
2012-09-05 Brian Demskyanother example
2012-09-04 Brian Norrismodel: document ModelChecker::check_current_action
2012-09-04 Brian Norrismodel: check_current_action returns its 'nextThread'
2012-09-04 Brian Norrismodel/schedule: revise 'nextThread' data flow
2012-09-04 Brian Norrisaction: print '?' for unknown read-from-future
2012-08-25 Brian Norrismodel: re-check release sequences lazily
2012-08-25 Brian Norrismodel: add resolve_release_sequences() function
2012-08-25 Brian Norrismodel: stash actions for lazy release-seq checking
2012-08-25 Brian Norrismodel: report 'updates' when adding mo_graph edges
2012-08-25 Brian Norrismodel: report status of resolved promises
2012-08-24 Brian Norrisaction, clockvector: add 'has_synchronized_with()'...
2012-08-24 Brian Norrisaction: make synchronize_with() public
2012-08-24 Brian Norrisaction: utilize release sequence(s) for synchronization
2012-08-24 Brian Norrismodel: add release sequence support
2012-08-24 Brian Norrismodel: change pointer spacing style
2012-08-24 Brian Norrisaction: (assertion) disallow out-of-order synchronization