2012-05-19 Brian Demskyremove unused #define
2012-05-19 Brian Demskymy changes
2012-05-19 Brian Demskylet us set the size of the heap in a sane way
2012-05-19 Brian Demskysetup main wrapper and then call into norris code
2012-05-19 Brian Demskyget rid of redundant mallocs
2012-05-18 Brian Demskytransfer stuff
2012-05-18 Brian Demskymakefile
2012-05-18 Brian DemskyAt least everything compiles now... Subramanian's...
2012-05-18 Brian Demskymerging stuff...made need to clean up some stuff.....
2012-05-15 Brian Demskyfix this stuff...
2012-05-15 Brian Norrisuserprog: tweak test program to use simple loads/stores
2012-05-15 Brian Norrislibatomic: place the proper read-value in 'atomic_load...
2012-05-15 Brian Demskydon't check in useless files
2012-05-15 Brian Norrislibrace: actually compute the loads and stores
2012-05-15 Subramanian... Defining the interfaces to add various regions to snapshot
2012-05-14 Brian Norrisaction: add get_node() accessor
2012-05-14 Brian Norrisnodestack: remove unnecessary conditional
2012-05-14 Brian Norrismodel: merge advance_backtracking_state() and get_next_...
2012-05-14 Brian Norrismodel: rename check_current_action() local variables
2012-05-14 Brian Norrisaction: add comparison operator for ModelAction
2012-05-14 Brian Norrisnodestack: add class NodeStack and class Node
2012-05-14 Brian Norris.gitignore: add *~ files
2012-05-14 Brian Norrismodel: change constructor assignments to initializer...
2012-05-10 Subramanian... Initializing variable which contains global snapshottin...
2012-05-10 Subramanian... Adding support to return global segments of the process...
2012-05-09 Subramanian... Adding STL stuff and operator news of snapshot to model...
2012-05-09 Brian Norrisaction: rename 'node' members to 'treenode'
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismodel: remove unnecessary "this->"
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismain/threads: remove excess headers
2012-05-08 Brian Norrisclockvector: add ClockVector class
2012-05-08 Brian Norrisaction: split ModelAction off into action.cc
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismodel: free final list
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismodel: free threads, thread_map at destruction
2012-05-08 Brian Norristree: include cstddef for NULL
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismodel: change DEBUG() statement to ASSERT()
2012-05-08 Brian Norrisbugfix - set backtrack events according to an *enabled...
2012-05-08 Brian Norristree: add is_enabled(Thread *)
2012-05-08 Brian Norristree: revise arguments (use Thread, ModelAction)
2012-05-08 Brian Norrismain: split main() (and related functions) into main.cc
2012-05-04 Brian Norrisschedule: fix printf warning (size_t uses %zu)
2012-05-03 Brian Norristhreads: add parent info + get_parent() method
2012-05-03 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - rearrange debug message
2012-05-03 Brian Norrismodel: move class Backtrack to model.cc
2012-05-03 Brian Norrisstraighten out header includes, comment on Forward...
2012-05-03 Brian Norrisreplace non-fatal error messages with ASSERT()'s
2012-05-03 Brian Norrismodel: print replay/divergence information when startin...
2012-05-03 Brian Norrismodel: split printing into print_list() function
2012-05-02 Brian Norristhreads: don't call the userprogram interface for initi...
2012-05-02 Brian Norriscommon: add ASSERT()
2012-05-02 Brian Norrismodel: number threads from 0, not 1
2012-05-02 Brian Norrisuserprog: print current thread ID
2012-05-02 Brian Norrismodel: add sequence numbers to ModelAction
2012-05-02 Brian Norrismodel: fixup ModelAction print message
2012-05-01 Brian Norristhreads: move thread_id_t definition and redefine thrd_...
2012-05-01 Brian Norrismodel: index thread_map by int, not thread_id_t
2012-05-01 Brian Norrismodel: change type for ModelChecker::get_id()
2012-05-01 Brian Norristree: remove tree_t, map thread ids via int, not thread...
2012-05-01 Brian Norristhreads: add id_to_int() and int_to_id() inline functions
2012-04-30 Brian Norrismodel: remove braces
2012-04-30 Brian Norrisclean up header #includes
2012-04-30 Brian Norrissplit header out to action.h
2012-04-30 Brian Norristree: fix header for potential multiple inclusions
2012-04-29 Brian Norrismodel: add is_acquire() and is_release() helper functions
2012-04-29 Brian Norrismodel: wrap some ModelAction helper functions
2012-04-27 Brian Norrismalloc: add exception info to function header
2012-04-27 Brian Norrismodel: backtracking messages are only for debugging
2012-04-27 Brian Norriscommon: add simple DBG_ENABLED() macros
2012-04-27 Brian Norristhread: remove dead Thread code
2012-04-27 Brian Norrismodel: fixup thread ID selection
2012-04-26 Brian Norrisdemote 'system_thread' to just 'system_context'
2012-04-26 Brian Norrislibatomic: add atomic_init()
2012-04-26 Brian Norrisuserprog: print atomic load/store values
2012-04-26 Brian Norrislibatomic: use 'values' for atomic load/store
2012-04-26 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - detect conflicts properly
2012-04-26 Brian Norrislibatomic: add DBG() calls
2012-04-26 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - reset the "current_action" after it...
2012-04-26 Brian Norrislibrace: format DEBUG() prints properly
2012-04-25 Brian Norrislibrace: add load/store interface for checking data...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: remove unused definition
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: allocate Threads in via userMalloc()
2012-04-24 Brian Norriscommon: introduce userMalloc() and userFree()
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislibthreads: remove unnecessary 'extern'
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisrun.sh: add simple 'run' script
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisuserprog: use typedef'd thrd_start_t
2012-04-24 Brian Norris.gitignore: add *.so
2012-04-24 Brian NorrisMakefile: build model checker as shared library (libmod...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislib*.h: wrap C headers in `extern "C"'
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislibthreads: don't create ModelAction for thrd_join()
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: rename print_trace() -> print_summary(), fixup...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisschedule: only print when DEBUG is enabled
2012-04-24 Brian Norristmp (model)
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: cleanup inconsistencies in memory management
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: set up Thread to be freed properly
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisschedule: reset scheduler when thread is removed
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: don't make direct call into scheduler
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: save id within class Thread
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: initialized Thread member variables
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisunify style for returning pointers
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: print 'number of executions'
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: prepare system to loop over many executions