2012-04-26 Brian Norrislibrace: format DEBUG() prints properly
2012-04-25 Brian Norrislibrace: add load/store interface for checking data...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: remove unused definition
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: allocate Threads in via userMalloc()
2012-04-24 Brian Norriscommon: introduce userMalloc() and userFree()
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislibthreads: remove unnecessary 'extern'
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisrun.sh: add simple 'run' script
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisuserprog: use typedef'd thrd_start_t
2012-04-24 Brian Norris.gitignore: add *.so
2012-04-24 Brian NorrisMakefile: build model checker as shared library (libmod...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislib*.h: wrap C headers in `extern "C"'
2012-04-24 Brian Norrislibthreads: don't create ModelAction for thrd_join()
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: rename print_trace() -> print_summary(), fixup...
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisschedule: only print when DEBUG is enabled
2012-04-24 Brian Norristmp (model)
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: cleanup inconsistencies in memory management
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: set up Thread to be freed properly
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisschedule: reset scheduler when thread is removed
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: don't make direct call into scheduler
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: save id within class Thread
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: initialized Thread member variables
2012-04-24 Brian Norrisunify style for returning pointers
2012-04-24 Brian Norrismodel: print 'number of executions'
2012-04-24 Brian Norristhreads: prepare system to loop over many executions
2012-04-23 Brian Norrisimprove scheduler debugging
2012-04-23 Brian Norrisschedule: bugfix - set 'current' thread in all cases
2012-04-23 Brian Norrisschedule: refactor next_thread() for better debug printing
2012-04-23 Brian Norrisschedule: print debug info
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: add simple comment
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: move public functions to private
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: implement get_next_replay() and advance_backtrac...
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: implement, use schedule_next_thread()
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: add prototypes to header
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: add iteration routines for class Backtrack
2012-04-20 Brian Norrismodel: include <cstddef>
2012-04-20 Brian Norrisschedule: replace queue with list
2012-04-20 Brian Norristhreads: introduce THREAD_ID_T_NONE
2012-04-20 Brian Norristhreads: remove leftover class 'prototype'
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: stash each backtrack event in ModelChecker:...
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: add class Backtrack
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: create 'action_list_t' typedef
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: convert 'action_trace' to pointer
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: add TreeNode debugging information to print_trace()
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: implement get_last_conflict()
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: flesh out set_backtracking()
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: flesh out check_current_action()
2012-04-19 Brian Norrismodel: add accessors for ModelAction variables
2012-04-19 Brian Norristree: bugfix - fix backtrack status
2012-04-19 Brian Norristree: don't use 'NULL' for a thread ID
2012-04-18 Brian Norrislibthreads: only record 'final' even for thrd_join
2012-04-18 Brian Norrismodel: use TreeNode()
2012-04-18 Brian Norristree: fix invalid free
2012-04-18 Brian Norristree: add class TreeNode
2012-04-17 Brian Norrisrename threads_internal.h -> threads.h
2012-04-17 Brian Norristhreads/model: move switch_to_master from class Thread...
2012-04-16 Brian Norrisrename binary: libthreads -> model
2012-04-16 Brian Norrislibthreads: split into libthreads and threads
2012-04-16 Brian Norrismajor rewrite - 'struct thread' replaced with internal...
2012-04-16 Brian NorrisMakefile: add debug compilation flag
2012-04-10 Brian Norrisscheduler: kill 'replaceable' scheduler
2012-04-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: print out trace at end of execution
2012-04-10 Brian Norrismodel: add print_trace() function
2012-04-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: perform 'model checking' when moving to...
2012-04-10 Brian Norrisuserprog: use both atomic loads and stores
2012-04-10 Brian Norrismodel: add check_current_action() function
2012-04-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: thread_join: return 'int' as status
2012-04-10 Brian Norristhreads_internal: pass the current 'action' to the...
2012-04-10 Brian Norrismodel: add class ModelAction
2012-04-10 Brian Norristhreads_internal: add 'thread_switch_to_master()' inter...
2012-04-05 Brian Norrislibthreads: make typedef for 'thread_id_t'
2012-04-05 Brian Norrisuse my{Malloc,Free} in model-checking code
2012-04-05 Brian Norrismalloc: override 'new' and 'delete' globally
2012-04-05 Brian Norrismalloc: add myMalloc() and myFree()
2012-04-05 Brian Norriscommon: rename "CONFIG" to "COMMON"
2012-03-15 Brian Norrisschedule: use STL 'queue' instead of 'list'
2012-03-15 Brian Norrisremove unnecessary #includes
2012-03-15 Brian Norrisschedule: make 'current' a private member of the scheduler
2012-03-15 Brian Norrisschedule: use STL list class instead of custom queue
2012-03-14 Brian Norrisrename other *.c to *.cc
2012-03-14 Brian Norrisschedule: move schedule.c --> schedule.cc
2012-03-14 Brian Norrisschedule: create 'class Scheduler' with implementation...
2012-03-14 Brian Norrislibthreads: delete allocated object
2012-03-14 Brian Norrismodel: use 'this' uniformly
2012-03-14 Brian Norrismodel: move model.c --> model.cc
2012-03-14 Brian Norrismodel: change 'struct model_checker' to 'class ModelChe...
2012-03-14 Brian NorrisMakefile: switch to C++ builds
2012-03-13 Brian Norrisstricter typing of function pointers for makecontext()
2012-03-13 Brian NorrisC++: don't use C++ keywords as names (this, new, etc.)
2012-03-13 Brian NorrisC++: cast result of malloc
2012-03-13 Brian Norristerminology - use 'thread id' instead of 'thread index'
2012-03-13 Brian Norrislibthreads: use model-checker's thread ID assignment
2012-03-13 Brian Norrismodel: add thread ID assignment function
2012-03-13 Brian Norrislibthreads: separate private functions from user interface
2012-03-13 Brian Norrislibthreads: perform all scheduling/model-checking from...
2012-03-13 Brian Norrislibthreads: add THREAD_* states
2012-03-12 Brian Norrisschedule: exit if we run out of linked-list nodes
2012-03-12 Brian Norrismodel: move 'main_thread' to model_checker struct
2012-03-12 Brian Norrismove 'current thread' details
2012-03-12 Brian Norrislibthreads: utilize new model_checker framework
2012-03-12 Brian Norrismodel: add global model_checker initialization