2012-06-04 Brian Demskyhack some stuff towards running on mac... unrelated...
2012-05-31 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove duplicate definition of finalize()
2012-05-31 Brian Norrisuse EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE
2012-05-31 Brian Norrisuserprog: use atomics allocated on "heap"
2012-05-31 Subramanian... Adding fixes for the fork based implementation, also...
2012-05-30 Brian Demskycheck in message
2012-05-30 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: replace Subramanian's /proc/*/maps...
2012-05-30 Brian Demskyfix bug...this is another evil one...
2012-05-30 Brian Norrisnode: do not use static member variable
2012-05-30 Brian Norrissnapshot: move declarations to the right interface...
2012-05-30 Brian Norrissnapshot: rename MyFuncPtr to VoidFuncPtr
2012-05-30 Brian Norrissnapshot: rename USE_CHECKPOINTING to USE_MPROTECT_SNAPSHOT
2012-05-29 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: don't redefine PAGESIZE
2012-05-29 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: bugfix - fixup array indeces
2012-05-29 Brian Norrisnodestack: push 'create_cv' functionality responsibilit...
2012-05-29 Brian Norrismodel: thread creation establishes synchronization
2012-05-29 Brian Norristhreads: add 'creation' information
2012-05-29 Brian Norrislibthreads: pass 'class Thread' object as ModelAction...
2012-05-28 Brian Norrismodel: move bookkeeping to add_action_to_lists()
2012-05-28 Brian Norrismodel: set 'last action in thread' as an action's parent
2012-05-28 Brian Norrismodel: log the last action in each thread
2012-05-28 Brian Norrisnodestack: compute parent ModelAction externally
2012-05-28 Brian Norrisclockvector: fixup initialization
2012-05-28 Brian Norrisnodestack: construct Node with 'number of threads'...
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: add obj_thrd_map
2012-05-26 Brian NorrisMakefile: add 'make debug'
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisaction: enhance print() message
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisnodestack: create ModelAction clock vectors
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisaction: add create_cv() and read_from()
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisclockvector: bugfix - fixup vector initialization,...
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: add get_num_threads()
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisclockvector: fixup print message
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisclockvector: add print() method
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisaction: add clock vector field, destructor
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisaction: use proper location comparison
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisclockvector: add snapshotting new/delete operators
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisrename snapshotStack -> SnapshotStack
2012-05-26 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove #include, use snapshot_id typedef
2012-05-26 Brian Norrissnapshot-interface: cleanup interface header
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: remove scheduler comment
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: don't clear thread_map (snapshot)
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: don't reset action_trace manually
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismain: take/revert snapshots
2012-05-26 Brian Norrismodel: make thread_map heap allocated
2012-05-26 Brian Norrisaction: add all action_lists to snapshot...
2012-05-26 Brian Norriscommon: remove unneeded macros/includes
2012-05-26 Brian Norristhreads: fixup stack allocation (snapshotting...)
2012-05-25 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove time information
2012-05-25 Brian Norrissnapshot: fix indentation
2012-05-25 Brian Norrissnapshot: use %p for printing pointers
2012-05-25 Brian Norrismore allocation fixes (use snapshotting)
2012-05-25 Brian Norrisnodestack: bugfix - fixup allocators for vectors
2012-05-25 Brian Norrisadd more classes to snapshotting region
2012-05-25 Brian Norrismymemory: use the right *&^% allocator!!
2012-05-24 Brian Norrissnapshot: fix EOL spaces
2012-05-24 Brian Demskywow, this is a nasty bug...
2012-05-24 Brian Demskyfix one segfault bug...something is still strange,...
2012-05-24 Brian Demskyfactor page alignment into function call...place near...
2012-05-24 Brian Demskyfix page alignment issue...
2012-05-24 Brian Norrissnapshot: use perror() on failed library calls
2012-05-24 Brian Norrismymemory: define the "opposite" of MEMALLOC
2012-05-24 Brian Norrismymemory: include some spacing
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisfixup EOL whitespace
2012-05-21 Brian Norrissnapshot: use 'SSDEBUG', not 'DEBUG'
2012-05-21 Brian Norrismodel: remove incorrect #undef
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisuserprog: use modulo
2012-05-21 Brian Norrislibthreads: fix thrd_create() to use typedef'd start_ro...
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisfix indentation + spacing, esp. for MEMALLOC macro
2012-05-21 Brian Norrismymemory: fix indentation, spacing
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisnodestack: allocate from "mymemory" region
2012-05-21 Brian NorrisMerge commit: branch 'work'
2012-05-21 Brian Norrissnapshot: remove references to libmymemory.so
2012-05-21 Brian Norrissnapshot: move local defines after #includes
2012-05-21 Brian Norrismain: clear out redundant comments
2012-05-21 Brian Norriscommon: disable debugging
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisrun.sh: provide gdb option
2012-05-21 Brian NorrisMakefile: only build a single shared library
2012-05-21 Brian NorrisMakefile: clean up Makefile
2012-05-21 Brian NorrisMakfile: remove MEMCPPFLAGS, more uniform command format
2012-05-21 Brian Demskyremove lines from other files
2012-05-21 Brian DemskyFound new way to fix emacs issue.. There are directory...
2012-05-21 Brian Demskyfix various problems with my 64-bit clean hack
2012-05-21 Brian Demskyfix code to be 64 bit clean
2012-05-21 Brian Demskyswitch back to norris style spacing in changed files
2012-05-21 Brian Norrismain: what are these variables for? (subramanian...)
2012-05-21 Brian Norrisrun.sh: don't touch my run script subramanian
2012-05-21 Brian NorrisMakfile: fix linking error + remove EOL whitespace
2012-05-21 Brian Norris.gitignore: fixup bad merge step
2012-05-19 Brian Demskyremove unused #define
2012-05-19 Brian Demskymy changes
2012-05-19 Brian Demskylet us set the size of the heap in a sane way
2012-05-19 Brian Demskysetup main wrapper and then call into norris code
2012-05-19 Brian Demskyget rid of redundant mallocs
2012-05-18 Brian Demskytransfer stuff
2012-05-18 Brian Demskymakefile
2012-05-18 Brian DemskyAt least everything compiles now... Subramanian's...
2012-05-18 Brian Demskymerging stuff...made need to clean up some stuff.....
2012-05-15 Brian Demskyfix this stuff...
2012-05-15 Brian Norrisaction: neuter the "same_var" function for now...
2012-05-15 Brian Norrismodel: remove free_action_list() function