2013-04-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: clean up fork-based error handling
2013-04-05 Brian Norrisaction: correct RF capitalization
2013-04-05 Brian Norrismodel: deadlock: print the culprit thread, when known
2013-04-05 Brian Norrisdatarace: use variable-argument bug-printing
2013-04-05 Brian Norrismodel: add variable arguments for bug messages
2013-04-05 Brian Norrismodel: proactively build/prune is_enabled() set
2013-04-05 Brian Norrismodel: pull thread control logic out of take_step(...
2013-04-05 Brian Norrissnapshot: kill useless macro
2013-04-04 Brian Norriscontext: move Mac swapcontext() to separate compilation...
2013-04-04 Brian Norriscommon: improve redirect_output() error handling
2013-04-04 Brian Norriscommon: make model_print() use OS file descriptor,...
2013-04-04 Brian Norrisaction: include reads-from-promise in HASH calculations
2013-04-04 Brian Norristest: insanesync: pointer types
2013-04-04 Brian Norrismodel: note the DPOR addendum
2013-04-04 Brian Norrismodel: use get_thread() helper
2013-04-04 Brian Norrisswapcontext() fix for Mac OSX
2013-04-03 Brian Norristhreads: remove wait_list
2013-04-03 Brian Norrismodel: use get_mutex() and get_thread_operand() helpers
2013-04-03 Brian Norrismodel: kill lock_waiters_map
2013-04-03 Brian Norrismodel: merge duplicated code for WAIT and UNLOCK
2013-04-03 Brian Norristest: mutextest: add thread yield point
2013-04-03 Brian Norrismodel: get_mutex() for locating the lock map
2013-04-02 Brian Norrisaction: add ModelAction::is_thread_join() helper
2013-04-02 Brian Norrismymemory: fix compiling with !USE_MPROTECT_SNAPSHOT
2013-03-28 Brian Norrisnodestack: move "behaviors" increment all into Node...
2013-03-28 Brian Norrisnodestack: regroup some code
2013-03-27 Brian Norristhreads: move circular wait check into Threads::is_wait...
2013-03-22 Brian Demskycorrect comment typo
2013-03-22 Brian Demskycheck in insane test case...
2013-03-22 Brian Demskyfix mistake in promises may allow code... need to...
2013-03-22 Brian Norrismain: adjust defaults again
2013-03-22 Brian NorrisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2013-03-22 Brian Norrismain: change default 'future delay' for promise expiration
2013-03-22 Brian Norrismodel: re-check pending future values whenever a promis...
2013-03-21 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - send future values more eagerly
2013-03-21 Brian Norrismodel: refactor add_future_value, add documentation
2013-03-21 Brian Norrismodel: add 'const'
2013-03-21 Brian Norrismodel: rename PendingFutureValue 'act' to 'reader'
2013-03-21 Brian Norrismodel: rework the resolve-promise interface
2013-03-21 Brian Demskyadd test case...
2013-03-20 Brian Norriscyclegraph: propagate RMW atomicity edges down the...
2013-03-19 Brian Norrismodel: note how we support seq-cst fences
2013-03-19 Brian Demskyadd our names
2013-03-19 Brian Demskyadd copyright message
2013-03-18 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2013-03-18 Brian Demskyupdate git repository with license... GPL v2
2013-03-15 Brian Norristest: rmwprog: add MODEL_ASSERT
2013-03-14 Brian Demskyfix memory leak
2013-03-12 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - missing SC mo_graph edge
2013-03-12 Brian Norrismodel: refactor r_modification_order 'act != curr'...
2013-03-09 Brian Norrismymemory: enforce that user allocations come from user...
2013-03-09 Brian Norrismymemory, threads: add allocator specifically for Thread
2013-03-09 Brian Norrismodel: privatize some thread functions
2013-03-09 Brian Norrislitmus: wrc: add macro for memory ordering
2013-03-09 Brian Norrislitmus: seq-lock: add MODEL_ASSERT() for the important...
2013-03-08 Brian Norrismodel-assert: include <stdbool.h>
2013-03-08 Brian Norrisstl - remove stale <vector> and <list> #include's
2013-03-07 Brian Norrisbugfix - add stl-model.h wrappers, to provide more...
2013-03-07 Brian NorrisRevert "switch to snapshot/modelalloc versions of stl...
2013-03-07 Brian Demskyswitch to snapshot/modelalloc versions of stl classes
2013-03-07 Brian Demskyadd new option for uninitialized writes...
2013-03-07 Brian Norrismodel, nodestack: bugfix - retain UNINIT actions across...
2013-03-06 Brian Norrislinuxrwlocksyield: refactor
2013-03-06 Brian Demskydocumentation update
2013-03-06 Brian DemskyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://demsky.eecs.uci.edu...
2013-03-06 Brian Demskyadd destructor so the spsc-queue will compile on MAC
2013-03-06 Brian NorrisMerge remote 'yield' work
2013-03-06 Brian Norrismodel: don't print 'uninitialized' ModelActions in...
2013-03-06 Brian Demskyadd yield support
2013-03-06 Brian Norrisimpatomic: fences linker error
2013-03-05 Brian NorrisMakefile: use $+ variable
2013-03-05 Brian Norriscyclegraph: memory "leak", fixup
2013-03-05 Brian Demskylittle optimizations motivated by profiling...
2013-03-05 Brian Norrismodel: refactor the get_thread() selection
2013-03-04 Brian Norrisrefactor DBG_ENABLED() vs. verbose
2013-03-04 Brian Norrismodel: add promise printing to execution summaries
2013-03-04 Brian Norrisnodestack: print thread status info in Node::print
2013-03-04 Brian Norriscyclegraph: missing form of checkReachable()
2013-03-03 Brian Norrismodel: rename check_deadlock() to is_circular_wait()
2013-03-03 Brian Norrismodel: add improved (?) deadlock detection
2013-03-03 Brian Norristhreads: add waiting_on()
2013-03-03 Brian Norrismutex: change 'islocked' to hold Thread pointer
2013-03-03 Brian Norrisaction: add get_mutex()
2013-03-03 Brian Norrismutex: fix indentation
2013-03-03 Brian Norrisaction: add get_return_value()
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: use get_write_value()
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: bugfix - adding a Promise reader can cause failure
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: hack dumpGraph() bug by "leaking" promises
2013-03-02 Brian Norriscyclegraph: simplify resolvePromise / mergeNodes
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: refactor process_read logic
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: update/add documentation comments
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: improve templates, use when reading...
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: refactor some more, + include Promises
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: return a boolean status
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: only allow newer stores to "overwrite"
2013-03-02 Brian Norrischeck_recency: implement loops as function ModelAction...
2013-03-02 Brian Norrisnodestack: add support functions for check_recency...
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: check_recency: convert a few things to ASSERT()
2013-03-02 Brian Demskycomments
2013-03-02 Brian Norrismodel: check_recency: fix indentation, spelling, comments