2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibatomic: add stub atomic lib header/source
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: use 'void' in argument list
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: export thread_yield()
2012-03-10 Brian Norrisschedule: return next thread pointer directly
2012-03-10 Brian Norrisschedule: include libthreads.h
2012-03-10 Brian NorrisMakefile: turn on all warnings
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: include schedule.h (previous mistake...)
2012-03-10 Brian NorrisMakefile: use ${CC} instead of hardcoding gcc
2012-03-10 Brian Norriscommon.h: move common code (non-user) to header
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: add thread_current() function
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: remove unused codepath
2012-03-10 Brian Norrislibthreads: cleanup startup/exit functions
2012-03-10 Brian Norrismodify "user program"
2012-03-10 Brian Norrisschedule: set thread to NULL when there is no next...
2012-03-09 Brian Norrisreformat DEBUG messages
2012-03-09 Brian Norrislibthreads: export thread_join() in header
2012-03-09 Brian Norrislibthreads: merge thread_create() and thread_start()
2012-03-09 Brian Norrisschedule: add scheduler, thread_yield(), etc.
2012-03-09 Brian Norrislibthreads: fixups
2012-03-09 Brian Norrislibthreads: cleanup main thread initialization
2012-03-09 Brian Norrisadd "make tags" (using `ctags`)
2012-03-08 Brian Norrislibthreads: create header file
2012-03-08 Brian Norrislibthreads: remove superfluous code
2012-03-08 Brian Norrisadd .gitignore
2012-03-08 Brian Norrisinitial commit