2008-12-11 cvs2gitThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag... buildscript
2008-12-11 bdemskychange
2008-12-09 bdemskychange
2008-12-08 bdemskymore changes to allow an override
2008-12-08 bdemskymake afid work easily
2008-11-26 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-25 adashmore changes to support range prefetching :
2008-11-24 jzhoubug fix in threadsimulator
2008-11-24 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-24 adashmore changes to range prefetches
2008-11-24 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-24 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-24 adashnew files for range prefetching
2008-11-22 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-22 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-21 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-21 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-21 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-21 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-11-20 adashchanges for the new build
2008-11-19 bdemskychanges to build SOR java version
2008-11-19 bdemskychanges
2008-11-19 bdemskymore hacks
2008-11-19 bdemskychanges
2008-11-19 bdemskyanother build error
2008-11-19 bdemskymore changes
2008-11-19 bdemskybuild script for everything
2008-11-19 bdemskystandardize the benchmarks so we script them easily
2008-11-19 bdemskychange mid arrays
2008-11-19 bdemskynew option for alex
2008-11-19 bdemskyprint a better error message
2008-11-18 jzhouFix bugs in scheduling simulator. Also add -robustroot...
2008-11-18 adashcheck in all changes to the benchmarks for the pldi2009...
2008-11-14 adashAdd new results for bandwidth
2008-11-13 adashbug fix in 2DConv and other small changes to makefile
2008-11-12 jjenistatrim outputs for benchmarking
2008-11-12 adashlatest changes to 2DFFT and LUFact benchmark
2008-11-12 adashChanges to increase garbage collector heap
2008-11-12 adashchecking file for matrix size 8192 X 8192 that causes...
2008-11-12 jzhouchanges
2008-11-11 jzhouadd the JGF MolDyn benchmark
2008-11-11 jjenistaadd new class file
2008-11-11 jjenistaran all benchmarks with new method context version...
2008-11-11 jjenistaadded concept of method context
2008-11-10 jjenistaeliminate two erroneous statements in callee->caller...
2008-11-10 jjenistaeliminate alias
2008-11-10 jjenistaadded new benchmark result to summary
2008-11-10 bdemskysmall changes...
2008-11-10 adashnew 2D convolution benchmark
2008-11-10 jzhouuse SLGCC
2008-11-09 jzhouchange to randomly generate inputs
2008-11-09 jjenistamake sure strong updates do not affect benchmark result...
2008-11-09 jzhou*** empty log message ***
2008-11-09 jzhou*** empty log message ***
2008-11-09 jzhouuse SLGCC instead of GCC and use -o2 for raw version
2008-11-09 jzhouremove redundant files
2008-11-09 jzhouUsing -o2 for raw version binary causes problems. Chang...
2008-11-05 jzhoubug fixing
2008-11-05 jzhoubug fixing
2008-11-05 adashimproved version for better scaling results
2008-11-05 jzhounew benchmark -- fluidanimate for Scheduling
2008-11-04 adashmake 1D fft objects local and clean up code
2008-11-04 jzhouadd precise profiling data for multicore version profiling
2008-11-03 adashadd java files
2008-11-03 adashworking version ....
2008-10-31 adashAdded few more Math functionality for 2DFFT benchmark
2008-10-31 adashNew benchmark for 2D FFT ... still has compile problems...
2008-10-27 jjenistarealized strong updates has incorrect conditions, made...
2008-10-27 adashJava non transactional version for Em3d
2008-10-22 jzhouIntegrate Jim's ownership ananlysis and fix some bugs...
2008-10-22 bdemskyextra hash table implementation...might be worth trying
2008-10-21 adashScripts and Benchmarks changed to function with 8 machines
2008-10-17 jjenistatest doesn't work\!
2008-10-17 jjenistanew test for paper example
2008-10-10 jzhoulet scheduling analysis be able to use profile data
2008-10-09 jjenistaAdded specific method call improvement test case for...
2008-10-08 jjenistaGlobal sweep added
2008-10-08 jjenistaCommitting a stable version of global sweep that works...
2008-10-06 jjenistaAdded hooks for global sweep and made sure that strong...
2008-10-03 jjenistaFixed a hack that was bugging me with a proper solution.
2008-10-03 jzhouadd profile codes for multicore version
2008-10-02 jjenistaVerified accuracy of results by manual inspection.
2008-10-01 jjenistaFixed up another canonical misuse, changed wording...
2008-10-01 jjenistaTighten up use of canonical objects and halt system...
2008-09-30 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-29 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-29 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-29 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-29 jjenistaIntroduced ZEROORMORE arity, something appears to be...
2008-09-25 jjenistaFix implementation to use little d when possible, and...
2008-09-24 jjenistaBug fix where two isolated heap regions with empty...
2008-09-23 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-23 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-23 jjenistaReran analysis on benchmarks with newest updates
2008-09-23 jjenistaFirst bug fix is that the "unshadow" token conversion...
2008-09-22 adashget rid of unnecessary recv_data , SUCCESSFUL/UNSUCESSF...
2008-09-22 jjenistarewriting of callee tokens into caller tokens was incorrect
2008-09-19 navid*** empty log message ***
2008-09-18 jjenistapull in class files that already exist in library
2008-09-18 jjenistaexhaustive arity improves for benchmarks with ad=1