2011-07-14 limwAdded
2011-07-14 limwFixed issues with compilation.
2011-07-14 jzhouComment out the obj counter according to Brian's comment
2011-07-14 jzhoufix profile code
2011-07-14 yeomchanges: 1) have a better error message 2) if annotatio...
2011-07-14 yeomadding more annotations for mp3decoder
2011-07-14 jzhouFor a page that is not used, set its host core as the...
2011-07-14 bdemsky1- bug fix
2011-07-14 bdemskychanges
2011-07-14 bdemskybug assumes ints and then the shifts go bad...
2011-07-14 bdemskymake other tables cached incoherent
2011-07-14 bdemskyadd field
2011-07-14 bdemskychange
2011-07-14 bdemskychanges
2011-07-13 limwPorted over bamboo benchmarks for use as non-Bamboo...
2011-07-13 jzhousmall changes
2011-07-13 yeomfix: forgot to check swtich statements
2011-07-13 yeomfix: does not need to check a class that does not have...
2011-07-13 davidupdated annotation
2011-07-13 yeomchanges: taking decoder initilization out from ssjava...
2011-07-13 yeomchanges on mp3 decoder
2011-07-13 bdemskycode changes...fix all of the statistics collection...
2011-07-13 bdemskytowards fixing bugs...
2011-07-13 yeomtry to make mp3decoder pass SSJava checking
2011-07-13 yeombug fix: no need to check flow down rule for abstract...
2011-07-13 yeomput deserialized values from sfd.ser
2011-07-13 davidrefined annotation
2011-07-12 yeomupdate makefile
2011-07-12 yeombug fix: if a parent class doesn't define lattice,...
2011-07-12 yeommake mp3decoder compile
2011-07-12 david*** empty log message ***
2011-07-12 yeomtry to make mp3decoder compile
2011-07-12 yeomchanges.
2011-07-12 bdemskybug fixes to get dtlb miss handler working
2011-07-12 yeomadd more class libraries for ssjava
2011-07-11 yeomrefactoring
2011-07-11 davidannotated
2011-07-11 yeomfix a bug introducing redundant method entries for...
2011-07-11 yeommore changes on shared location analysis. now it works...
2011-07-11 bdemskyperformance counter tweaks...
2011-07-11 bdemskyadd more space for profile data
2011-07-10 bdemskyclean up dtlb sample code...mostly fixing multisample bug
2011-07-10 yeomchanges.
2011-07-10 bdemskyadd profiling....
2011-07-10 bdemskychanges
2011-07-10 bdemskychanges to support profiling
2011-07-09 jzhouChange to use large pages for shared runtime data in...
2011-07-09 yeomchanges.
2011-07-09 bdemskyversion runs specJBB...finally...
2011-07-08 yeomoverride toString method for better debug message
2011-07-08 bdemskymore change for PMC
2011-07-08 yeomchanges toward intraprocedural analysis
2011-07-08 bdemskytune size...
2011-07-08 bdemskybug fixes...runs at least one benchmark now....
2011-07-08 yeomstart implementing shared location analysis
2011-07-08 bdemskymore bug fixes
2011-07-07 yeombring recent changes before starting to implement defin...
2011-07-07 bdemskymore bug fixes
2011-07-07 bdemskybug fixes
2011-07-07 bdemskylast known waiting to test
2011-07-07 bdemskyit compiles now
2011-07-07 bdemskycode towards PMC compiling
2011-07-07 bdemskyhack support for pmc into compiler
2011-07-07 bdemskysome changes towards compilation
2011-07-07 jzhoumy changes
2011-07-06 bdemskychanges
2011-07-06 bdemskybug fix
2011-07-06 bdemskyadd new directory for makefiles
2011-07-06 bdemskychanges
2011-07-06 bdemskyadd pmc option
2011-07-06 bdemskycode to compute unit boundaries and allocation function
2011-07-06 bdemskymore changes
2011-07-06 bdemskymore changes
2011-07-05 bdemskymore changes...think it is done...just need to wire...
2011-07-05 bdemskycode for readable profiles
2011-07-05 bdemskymore code towards second gc
2011-07-05 bdemskychanges towards second parallel collector
2011-07-05 bdemskystart to implement second garbage collector to benchmar...
2011-07-05 jzhouChanges according to Brian's comments: remove static...
2011-07-04 bdemskymake it compile
2011-07-04 bdemskyprofile data
2011-07-03 bdemskychanges
2011-07-03 bdemskymore changes
2011-07-03 bdemskybug fixes
2011-07-02 bdemskychange
2011-07-02 bdemskychange
2011-07-02 bdemskyadd new file
2011-07-02 jzhouAdd cache adaptive code to multicore gc and add support...
2011-07-02 yeombug fixes
2011-07-02 bdemskylots of bug fixes...none of them the right one
2011-07-01 yeombug fixes and refactoring to have more smooth integrati...
2011-07-01 yeomfix indentation
2011-07-01 yeomchanges.
2011-07-01 yeomgetting close to finishing the definite written analysis
2011-06-30 bdemskyreturn freespace not usedspace
2011-06-30 bdemskychange
2011-06-30 bdemskybug fixes
2011-06-30 bdemskydo round robin on neighbors...
2011-06-30 bdemskyadd allocation modes
2011-06-30 bdemskyremove extra INLINE