2010-08-03 bdemskychanges
2010-08-02 bdemskychecking outstanding changes in my CVS
2010-08-02 yeomchanges.
2010-08-02 yeomchanges.
2010-08-02 yeomchanges.
2010-08-01 yeomchanges.
2010-08-01 bdemskycheck in bug fixes...yong-hun, these are already in...
2010-08-01 bdemskysmall change to clean up allocation
2010-08-01 bdemskynew benchmark
2010-08-01 yeomchanges.
2010-08-01 yeomadd tracking benchmark
2010-08-01 yeomchanges.
2010-08-01 bdemskyjust java version
2010-08-01 jjenistafaithful c-port of crypt
2010-07-31 yeom*** empty log message ***
2010-07-31 jjenistac version output message not matching input, did a...
2010-07-31 jjenistaa C version of crypt to compare our compiler to
2010-07-31 yeomchanges.
2010-07-31 jjenistacommit micro benchmarks for later experiments
2010-07-31 yeomoptimized version of raytracer benchmark
2010-07-31 yeommodifies makefiles for using -joptimize -noloop -optimize
2010-07-31 stepheyVery preliminary renaming and removing unused functions...
2010-07-31 jjenistaspecial loop optimization disable for ooojava
2010-07-31 stepheyAdded optimization in switch-case statements. TODO...
2010-07-30 yeomoptimized version of crypt benchmark.
2010-07-30 yeom*** empty log message ***
2010-07-30 yeomchanges.
2010-07-30 yeomchanges.
2010-07-30 stepheyRemoved redudant code
2010-07-30 bdemskyarraycopy method
2010-07-28 stepheyAdded Runtime C files for Queue to be used in Runtime...
2010-07-28 jzhouAdd the BH benchmark from JOlden for the multicore gc
2010-07-28 jzhouAdd TSP benchmark from JOlden for the multicore gc
2010-07-27 yeomchanges.
2010-07-27 yeomfinal version of the merge sort benchmark.
2010-07-26 yeomchanges.
2010-07-26 jjenistabug fix for allowing out-of-contexts taints to flow...
2010-07-26 bdemskychanges
2010-07-26 bdemskychange
2010-07-26 yeommore optimized version of the merge sort.
2010-07-26 yeomadd mergesort benchmark ported from dpj
2010-07-26 jzhouPorted the voronoi benchmark from the JOlden benchmark...
2010-07-24 jzhouadd the MonteCarlo benchmark for multicore gc
2010-07-24 jzhouadd new benchmark lcss which was ported frim nofib...
2010-07-23 jzhoutypo
2010-07-23 jzhousome bug fixes
2010-07-23 yeomforgot to bring previous fixes.
2010-07-23 yeomchanges.
2010-07-23 yeomadd Monte Carlo benchmark ported from Java Grande Bench...
2010-07-22 stepheyUnfinished dynamic anaylsis side and probably contains...
2010-07-21 yeomadd IDEA crypt benchmark
2010-07-19 jzhouConfigure the workloads of the benchmarks and the size...
2010-07-17 bdemskyerror in parsing package declarations...
2010-07-17 jzhouAssign each core 4 blocks of shared memory and set...
2010-07-17 jzhouMove the auxiliary tables our of the shared heap
2010-07-17 jzhoubug fix
2010-07-17 yeombug fix: previously assumed that all stalled tempDesc...
2010-07-17 yeomincorporate Stephen's rewritten single threaded version.
2010-07-17 jzhouAdd the RayTracer benchmark for multicore gc
2010-07-16 jzhouadd the new benchmark fibheaps ported from the nobench...
2010-07-16 yeomchanges on labyrinth.
2010-07-16 yeomfix: remove unnecessary conflict edge
2010-07-15 bdemskymake it easier to read
2010-07-15 yeomadd barneshut benchmark ported from Lonestar
2010-07-14 jzhouAdd benchmarks for multicore gc
2010-07-14 yeombug fix: memory queue has the case of empty rentry.
2010-07-14 jzhouAdd macros to control the memory allocation/cache/memor...
2010-07-13 bdemskychanges
2010-07-09 jzhouAdd flags to specify special hvc file for 1-core gc...
2010-07-09 yeomadding micro benchmark for OoOJava.
2010-07-09 yeombug fix: prevent generating unnecessaary waiting queues...
2010-07-09 jzhouFix the strategy for determination of when the gc mark...
2010-07-08 jzhouChange the local hashtable for recording the pointer...
2010-07-08 jzhouChange the zero out strategy for the shared memory...
2010-07-07 stepheypublic VariableNode getVariableNodeNoMutation( TempDesc...
2010-07-07 jzhouAdd a new shared memory allocation strategy: mixed...
2010-07-06 jzhouAdd a new shared memory allocation strategy: fixed...
2010-07-02 jzhouset the shared mem as 16MB
2010-07-02 jjenistasome subtle reach state bug fixes uncovered by labyrint...
2010-07-02 jihoonlnow it is working when only one machine left
2010-07-02 jihoonlrecovery done
2010-07-01 yeomremove unnecessary files.
2010-07-01 yeombring benchmarks to OoOJava: raytracer, kmeans, power...
2010-07-01 jihoonlchange some bugs are fixed
2010-07-01 bdemskybug fixes and extensions
2010-07-01 bdemskyplotall2
2010-07-01 bdemskyadd plotting scripts to cvs
2010-07-01 bdemskybug fix
2010-07-01 yeomincorporated OoOJava into build code + fixed a couple...
2010-07-01 jzhouStatically ping memory from the nearest memory controll...
2010-06-30 jjenistadebugged the reach graph support for effect conflicts
2010-06-30 jjenistaimplemented details to support effect conflict detection
2010-06-30 bdemskybug
2010-06-30 yeommore changes according to new effect analysis
2010-06-29 yeomchanges according to new forms of effect analysis
2010-06-29 jjenistatweak to interface
2010-06-29 jjenistareachability query interface for ooojava heap conflict...
2010-06-29 jjenistagetting close to effects for new disjoint analysis
2010-06-29 jjenistalittle bug fix
2010-06-29 yeomchanges.