fix for ssJava: realized that annotation should not be a part of hash code.
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2011-04-18 yeomfix for ssJava: realized that annotation should not...
2011-04-15 bdemskybug...wonder how this used to work??
2011-04-15 jzhouChange the implementation of classobj
2011-03-17 yeomkeep the current snapshot before making further changes.
2011-03-05 yeomintroduce new flag -ssjava for enabling SSJava feature...
2011-03-01 yeomadd annotation descriptor. type descriptor is responsib...
2011-02-18 jzhouBug fix in array initialization: handle the special...
2011-02-18 jzhouBug fixes for MGC
2011-02-12 jzhousome bug fix
2010-10-19 jzhouAdd support for 'static' fields in multicore gc version...
2009-07-13 bdemskychanges to get last benchmark working well
2009-06-15 bdemskychanges
2009-06-15 bdemskychanges:
2009-05-15 bdemskythis change isn't all that well tested...
2009-03-06 jjenistaFix bug where element access fields have wrong type...
2009-02-13 bdemskyInstanceof checks for jim
2008-12-31 adashmodified compiler files for adding new keyword "getoffs...
2008-09-18 jjenistaadded a test for immutable
2008-08-19 bdemskyChange tabbing for everything....
2008-08-04 bdemskyBug correction
2007-11-03 bdemskyThis update:
2007-10-24 bdemskyChange semantics of isPtr to also allow Array objects...
2007-05-21 bdemskyChanges:
2006-10-23 bdemskyExtra string class functionality & bug fix
2006-09-06 bdemskychanges to runtime/etc to build in repair checking...
2006-08-30 bdemskyadding support for consistency checking
2006-08-01 bdemskyBug fixes
2006-04-09 bdemskyArray support
2006-04-08 bdemskychanges
2006-04-07 bdemskyChecking in changes
2006-04-04 bdemskyStart to support for virtual calls
2006-04-03 bdemskyBug fixes and switches
2006-03-27 bdemskyChanges to build code
2006-03-13 bdemskymore code
2006-03-09 bdemskymore changes
2006-03-08 bdemskyFinish semantic checks
2006-03-04 bdemskya:w
2006-03-02 bdemskyFurther upgrades to semantic checker
2006-02-22 bdemskychecking in changes
2006-02-11 bdemskyChecking in updates
2006-02-11 bdemskyadd test case
2006-02-10 bdemskychanges`
2006-02-09 bdemskyadding/chaning many files